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Introduction to state and federal constitution, laws and procedures including international trade, crimes, torts, contracts, sales, property, bankruptcy, securities, consumer protection, employment, and debtor-creditor relationships. The relationship between ethics and law will be discussed. 

BUS 101 AE -  Introduction to Business
Introduction to the world of business. Emphasis will include functions of business, management, types of business ownership, human resources, production, marketing, ethics, and the role of accounting. 

Overview of medical law/ethics for healthcare professionals in various settings: billing/coding, transcription, phlebotomy, etc. Designed to explain ethical/legal obligations to the patient, employer, and health worker and clarify confidentiality requirements regarding patient records and history. 

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BUS 201 # 12035 - 4/8 TO 6/21

MED LAW & ETHICS BTEC 266 # 12329
VIA ZOOM M/W 8 AM - 4/8 TO 6/21

MGMT 325 AT GREEN HILL # 39714 - 4/8 TO 6/21 

Virtual Office Hours 30 mins prior to and after class sessions

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(BUS 201 A2 3142)

Hybrid Synchronous Course Dates: 
04/08/24 to 06/21/2024
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This is a core course concerning the impact of laws, regulations, and legal responsibilities on management behavior with a focus on the application of this learning to real life situations for organizations both large and small.  

 Book:  Roger Leroy Miller, Business Law Today: The Essentials: Text & Summarized Cases  13th Edition (2022) ISBN:  978-0-357-63522-3 softcover Edition/ ISBN: 978-0-357-63523-0 loose leaf edition    Ebook available  

Medical Law & Ethics
EC266 #12329

April 8- June 21, 2024 

M & W 8-8:50 AM Online via Zoom 

Virtual Office Hours via Zoom before class (beginning at 7:30 am)

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