Learning Management Systems

The colleges and universities I teach at use unique Learning Management Systems (LMS). These are typically Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle or other popular LMS'. Once my course begin I teach directly from those modules using them for all aspects of my teaching. I use the messaging apps. from each as my primary contact with students throughout the semester. All my instructions, course syallbi, chapter review videos are all linked to the course LMS.

SMU Moodle LMS

You will find the internal messaging/email link on the right hand side of your Moodle Course page. You must be logged in to your course platform to send emails to me within the system. I typically respond to all inquires within 24 hrs., if not sooner.

Pierce College Canvas LMS

You will find your Inbox in the left hand side navigation panel of your course Canvas page. Please use this to email me directly. You must be logged in to your course to be able to send messages. I typically respond with 24 hrs, if not sooner.

SMU Center for Student Learning, Writing and Advising

The Saint Martin's Center for Student Learning Writing and Advising believes in the unique potential of all students. The Center is an integrated learning assistance program that offers services for students at all levels of achievement in pursuit of intellectual growth and academic excellence.

Located in the lower level of O'Grady Library

SMU Writing Center Online

SMU Moodle help is Available

Click here for a full range of student tutorials on Moodle


Pierce College Canvas LMS

You can navigate a full feature Canvas Tutorial prior to the beginning of any course you are taking. If you have never navigated a course LMS before it is recommended you take this tutorial prior to the beginning of your first qtr.

Canvas Tutorial