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We certainly want all students to benefit from the live classroom and attend online. However, we realize not everyone has access to a computer or an internet device when needed. Some of your classmates have gone back home and are now in different time zones. To help compensate for those scenarios, I am offering recordings of our live class sessions which can be viewed 'on demand' at the convenience of all students.

Below you find links to each class recording. If you could not make a live session, or didn't have access at the time, you can watch the recording at your convenience. Please stay as up to date as possible. Your LMS (Moodle or Canvas) is still the primary source for the most up to date information as we move forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Saint Martin's University

Welcome to my SMU Zoom Classroom Archive page. While every attempt should be made to attend our Zoom live sessions at their scheduled times, we understand people may have connectivity issues and cannot always connect to the internet.

Below you will find links to our Zoom classroom sessions posted within 24 hrs. of that days class. If you are unable to attend during our normally scheduled time, you can use these links to stay up to date. Remember you are responsible for material covered during these lectures, and you should expect some exam questions to reference the lectures thoughout the semester.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via your LMS (Moodle)

BA 225 Business Law Class Session Recordings

Sept. 1, 2020 Class Session
Sept 3, 2020 Class Session

PLS420 Civil Liberties Class Session Recordings

Aug. 31, 2020 Class Session
Sept 3, 2020 Class Session

MBA 661 - Commercial Law Class Sessions

MBA 665 - Business Ethics and Society Class Sessions

Pierce College, Lakewood

Pierce College classes are facilitated via Canvas LMS. If we need to meet in a virtual classroom you will receive an email with the classroom ID and time to join my Zoom Classroom. Right now, we do not have any virtual classroom time scheduled.

Please use the messaging/email option within your Canvas classroom to contact me or to arrange a virtual office hour.

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Canvas @ Pierce / Canvas @ JBLM

SU20 BUS&201 Business Law

Book: Roger Leroy Miller, Business Law Today: The Essentials, 11th Edition (2017) ISBN-13: 9781305574793 | ISBN-10: 1305574796 Available at the Pierce College Bookstores.

Introduction to the nature of law and the resolution of disputes in the court system, and overview of law typically relating to the operation of businesses from the perspectives of their owners, managers, employees, customers and suppliers; primary emphasis is on the law pertaining to various types of contracts.

Online Course via Pierce College Canvas here:

SU20 MNGT276 - Employment Law

Book: C. Kerry Fields and Henry R. Cheeseman, Contemporary Employment Law, Wolters Kluwer publisher, 2017, ISBN 978-1-4548-7343-3 or ISBN 9781454897019 [Digital Book Access Card]. Available at the Pierce College Bookstores.

Overview of major common employment-related laws, workplace legal issues, statutory and regulatory concepts governing the employment relationship, and development of skills supporting legal actions pertaining to that relationship. It is a course requirement for the Human Resources Certificate.

Online Course via Pierce College Canvas here: